Entry fees

Entries are limited to 500 and include some truly amazing extras.

  • 42.2km Marathon trail run - $395 NZD

  • 21km Half Marathon trail run or walk - $355 NZD

  • 50km Mountain Bike - $395 NZD

What do entries include?

The Poronui Passage is a unique one to explain, but we’ll do our best…

Apart from the fact that it offers some of the best scenery and pieces of land in the country (and it is normally only accessed by people paying a lot of money to experience) we have packaged the event up as all-inclusive experience. All of the things that are normally an additional cost are included – alongside many things that aren't normally even an option! Here are some examples to provide a bit of a picture...

  1. Access to an amazing, usually unavailable location

  2. Transport to/from Taupo (if you prefer to drive, parking is about 2-3 mins from the event base)

  3. Thermatech long-sleeve mid layer, high quality garment

  4. Unlimited barista coffee!

  5. Post-event fare, prepared by Poronui chefs (2 courses, gourmet baked potato with all the trimmings AND mean as burger)

  6. Professional high-res event-day/course photos from Photos2Sale

  7. Your very own glass/vessel (for beverages below)

  8. Epic aid stations. Think cheese and crackers, beer or wine etc.

  9. Marshals on horse back! Cause we can and it's awesome.

  10. Collapsible cup (for beverage at aid stations – we’re about doing our bit to save the planet)

  11. Craft beer, mainstream beer, Hopt soda, wines by Wither Hills

  12. HOT showers

  13. The cosiest, coolest, most instagrammable event base you’ve ever seen (think fires, blankets, tents)

  14. Maybe the coolest medal ever seen at an event

  15. Famous Poronui hospitality (hugs too if you’re a hugger. Even if you’re not you’ll probably get hugs!)

Payment Plans

Enter now pay later! We’ve set up an easy payment plan for anyone keen to spread out the cost a bit.

  • 1/3 payable by 30thApril

  • 2/3 payable by 31st May

  • 3/3 payable 30th June

To take advantage of the payment plan just email renee@totalsport.co.nz

Group Discount

If you have a group of people coming to do the event, please contact Renee and we’ll sort something out for you – renee@totalsport.co.nz

Refunds & Withdrawals


Refunds will be via the credit card you used to pay for entry.

  • 80% of entry fee will be refunded for withdrawal prior to 30 June.

  • 60% of entry fee will be refunded for withdrawal prior to 31 July.

  • 40% of entry fee will be refunded for withdrawal prior to 31 August.

  • No refunds will be given for withdrawals after 31 August.


No transfers to anyone else. Until August 30 you can transfer your entry to the 2020 event only for $50 plus the difference between the 2019 and 2020 pricing at the time you enter.

Please email renee@totalsport.co.nz if you would like to withdraw, transfer or change up or down distances.

Changing Distances

You can change distances prior to online registrations closing. This is possible through your online registration, click to amend through your confirmation email. If you can’t locate your registration confirmation, please email renee@totalsport.co.nz. Note: There are no partial refunds if downgrading.