Our intention is to deliver something just a little out of the ordinary; an event experience that has all the good, off-roady, stunning location stuff that you’d expect at a Total Sport event …plus quite a bit extra. This one is all about delivering a surprise-and-delight experience that you can dine on for ages!!

Event date: November, 26 2020

Event Options

  • 42.2km Marathon trail run

  • 21km Half Marathon trail run or walk

  • 50km Mountain Bike or eBike


The Poronui Passage is a unique one to explain, but we’ll do our best…

Apart from the fact that it offers some of the best scenery and pieces of land in the country (and it is normally only accessed by people paying a lot of money to experience) we have packaged the event up as all-inclusive experience. All of the things that are normally an additional cost are included – alongside many things that aren't normally even an option! Here are some examples, to provide a bit of a picture...

  1. Access to an amazing, usually unavailable location

  2. Transport to/from Taupo (if you prefer to drive, parking is about 2-3 mins from the event base)

  3. Thermatech long-sleeve mid layer, high quality garment

  4. Unlimited barista coffee!

  5. Post-event fare, prepared by Poronui chefs (2 courses, gourmet baked potato with all the trimmings AND mean as burger)

  6. Professional high-res event-day/course photos from Photos2Sale

  7. Your very own glass/vessel (for beverages below)

  8. Epic aid stations. Think cheese and crackers, beer or wine etc.

  9. Marshals on horse back! ‘Cause we can and it's awesome.

  10. Collapsible cup (for beverage at aid stations – we’re about doing our bit to save the planet)

  11. Craft beer, mainstream beer, Hopt soda, wines by Wither Hills

  12. HOT showers

  13. The cosiest, coolest, most instagrammable event base you’ve ever seen (think fires, blankets, tents)

  14. Maybe the coolest medal ever seen at an event

  15. Famous Poronui hospitality (hugs too if you’re a hugger. Even if you’re not you’ll probably get hugs!)

Cupless Event

As trail lovers we're keen to do our part to protect our beautiful planet and reduce the environmental impact of our events. As such the Poronui Passage will not include disposable cups at aid stations. We’ll have complimentart collapsible silicone cups for you at event base. You can also bring your own hydration pack or water bottle to fill up.

Course Descriptions & Maps

Course description

Passage “the action or process of moving through or past somewhere on the way from one place to another.”

The Poronui Passage event has been designed to take you on a stunning journey through the magnificent Poronui estate, a veritable feast of 16,500 acres of unique outdoor, off-road goodness.

With so much goodness to choose from, the hardest part of putting these courses together has been in deciding what to leave out, and how to make the courses flow in such a way that you are taken on an unforgettable voyage from start to finish.

Each course starts and finishes at The Stables, and will include a combination of flowing farmland, mature beech and forest sections, gravel roads and 4-WD tracks.

Poronui does have some pretty good hills, so there will be a bit of climbing and descending in all course options.

MTB gain: 1253m
Marathon gain: 966m
Half gain: 500m

All courses map

Start & Cut-Off Times

All events will start and finish from the event base at The Stables.

Distance Start Location Start Time Cut-Off
Marathon The Stables 9.00am 8hrs
Half Marathon The Stables 10.30am 6.5hrs
50km MTB The Stables 9.30am 7hrs


Event registration for all events will take place at The Stables from 07.30am on event day.

Apparel & Medal

Included with your entry is a Thermatech Ultra Midlayer. Get the maximum performance for outdoor, recreation, work, travel and sport. This range is ultra versatile, keeping you warm in winter, cool in summer, and dry all year round. $99 value - free for all entrants.

Accommodation Packages


Poronui is the ultimate luxury sporting retreat, a place where you can have fun and relax in the authentic New Zealand countryside.

Located in the beautiful Taharua Valley on New Zealand’s spectacular North Island, the estate boasts some of the world’s best wilderness experiences. The scenery is breathtaking, the hospitality is second-to-none, but it is the attention to the little things that makes a stay here truly memorable.

Be engulfed by warm welcome, unforgettable experiences, passionate people, luxury accommodation and gourmet New Zealand cuisine.

Accommodation options:

Wairakei Resort (includes free event-day transport)

To ensure there is an affordable accommodation option for all participants we’ve secured a deal with our Taupo-based accommodation partner, the awesome Wairakei Resort Taupo.

Get 10% off accomodation at Wairakei Resort Taupo here.

Free round-trip transport will be provided to Poronui from Wairakei Resort on event day. …We promised a lux event experience, didn’t we??

Group Entries

If you have a group of people coming to do the event, please contact Renee and we’ll sort something out for you – renee@totalsport.co.nz

Transport Options

It’s an approximately 40-minute drive to Poronui station from Taupo.

Drive yourself
You are most welcome to drive your own vehicle. There is plenty of off-road (farmland) parking just a few minutes walk from the event base (the Stables).

Take the free shuttle
Alternatively, we are offering coach transport to/from Poronui from Wairakei Resort on event day. This option will get you to Poronui in plenty of time to do whatever you need to do before you head off on your adventure!

Wairakei Resort pick-up times will be posted here closer to the event.

Prize Giving

The event prize giving will be held at The Stables - Times TBC

Merit prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd (male and female) in each of the event distances. We will also acknowledge at the prize giving the place-getters in each age group for each event.

We will have a number of really great spot prizes that will be given away at the prize giving too.

Compulsory gear

This week at Poronui it was snowing at levels well beyond where you’ll get to on event day so there will absolutely be the need to bring and carry compulsory gear on event day. The following list of gear MUST be brought with you, and WILL be checked on Saturday morning pre event. If the weather is looking good, we may drop some of this, but please, please bring the following or you risk not being able to get out there to do your thing;

  1. Long-sleeve thermal or poly-prop tee

  2. Beanie, thermal or poly-prop

  3. Gloves, thermal or poly-prop

  4. Survival blanket or bag

  5. Tights or leggings, thermal or poly-prop

6.Seam-sealed waterproof jacket (long-sleeve)

Health & Safety

Safety & Medical Providers - Peak Safety

At Total Sport we have been using the safety services of Peak Safety for quite some time now – they really are top shelf! They have been in operation since 1996 (1 year longer than us!) so have a massive amount of experience to draw on; this combined with their absolute passion for the outdoors and everything safety really does make for a winning combination.

Not only do they offer a wide range of safety management services but they also run a large range of safety and first aid courses. If you or someone you know needs something in this department we highly recommend you get in touch with these guys first – very nice and very professional team! Learn more at peaksafety.co.nz

OM prem2.jpg


We always complete the 3-yearly compressive safety audit to keep our Outdoors Mark Certification current.

Although this is not compulsory for us as we aren’t classed as an ‘adventure activity operator’, we do it voluntarily to make sure we keep our most important asset (YOU GUYS! 😊) as safe as we can!