About Poronui

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Nestled in the secluded Taharua Valley on New Zealand’s spectacular North Island, Poronui is located in the Central Plateau region between Taupo and Napier, the rugged center of NZ’s North Island, a 45-minute drive from Taupo, along the Napier-Taupo Highway.

Over a third of the property is covered by indigenous virgin beech forest. Beech forests also form the boundaries to the west and east, attracting abundant and diverse bird life.

Native bird life includes the distinctive song of the tui, bellbird (koimako), morepork (ruru), native wood pigeon (kereru), hawks and falcons as well as the rare blue duck (whio). Some species present on Poronui are rated as vulnerable or threatened, particularly the New Zealand ‘bush’ falcon. The only native land mammal species (the long and short tailed bat) are also present.

Additionally, Poronui is characterised by numerous wetland and scrubland ecosystems, comprising of mostly native plant species. The Taharua River runs through the centre of the property and the famous Mohaka River forms the southern boundary. These rivers were granted status among New Zealand’s most important water bodies by being given the full protection of a National Water Conservation Order. This protection was granted on the basis of spectacular scenery, amenity water-sports and the outstanding trout fishery.

As the exotic trees, planted on Poronui in the late 80’s and early 90’s, reach maturity these are being replaced primarily by manuka and open grassland.

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