Video 1. Poronui Passage is the good the stuff – even for the "common folk"

Need a laugh? Allow us and our two friends. ...And yes, you will all receive the same 'a-list' benefits as Mark (and David). Leave the riffraff behind 🧐🤣


Video 2. Mark reveals his native bush and it ain't as pretty as Poronui's

What is the Poronui Passage? Well, not this 😬

...Apologies again to Nina and the very awesome staff at Rubywaxx

Head to the real Poronui Passage this year 🤣


Video 3. How to shave (or wax) off some seconds for event day!

The boys brave a leg wax while comparing their biggest sporting triumphs. Hairless legs = speedy legs for their adventure 👯‍♂️